Waller Sawmills
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Waller Sawmills
is a modern softwood sawmill
producing pressure treated
fencing products

Waller Sawmills is a modern softwood sawmill producing pressure treated fencing products

Sawn timber production

Timber arriving
Our sawmill in action
Our final product

Sawn timber products

Softwood treated timber

Softwood Treated Timber

Waller Sawmills treated timber is available for fencing and fence posts which we supply throughout the UK.

Waller Sawmills hold in stock a variety of treated timber as well as producing treated timber to order. Please get in touch to find out more. 

Kiln Dried Timber Posts

Kiln Dried Timber

Waller Sawmills are pleased to provide state of the art kiln facilities at our sawmills in Norfolk, to aid in the production of Kiln Dried Timber.  Waller Sawmills uses timber kilns within our fully automated sawmill, to remove moisture from sawn timber produced on site.

Download our Kiln Dried Timber PDF

From our customers...

We have had some problems in the past, so were weary of changing supplier. Having moved our business over to Wallers they have always told the truth we get updated regularly and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone else!

Great service from Waller Sawmills

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Offering a wide range of fencing products to meet your needs, including kiln dried posts to UC4 specification.

Using mainly home grown timbers, all from well managed and sustainable resources, we manufacture and supply an ever growing range of general sawn timber, agricultural, fencing, decking, gate and garden timbers to suit a wide range of customers – timber merchants, fencing contractors, farmers, local councils and landscape gardeners, as well as the general public.

Artic size loads are our area of expertise, mixed products, green and brown treated are also all available.

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