Waller Sawmills
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With over 60 years of service at our sawmills we are proud to have many happy customers. Please find below a small sample of the customer testimonials we have received.

However busy Waller Sawmills is, the quality of the sawn timber doesn’t drop. 

Attention to Detail

We have had some problems in the past, so were weary of changing supplier. Having moved our business over to Wallers they have always told the truth we get updated regularly and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone else!

Great service from Waller Sawmills

We ordered a full load of timber, when our order arrived it arrived on time and exactly as specified.

Bulk Timber Delivery

As always – Trish said a delivery date and the timber was delivered on time to that date.

Timber Fencing Material Delivered on Time

As always I received what I ordered and it was delivered when I expected – perfect!!

Large Timber Wholesaler